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1932 Ford Pickup

Check out the photos of the recently completed 1932 Ford Pickup we built for Hot Rod Charlies Tattoo. This truck came to us after the previous builder couldn't finish it. Once we got the truck we mocked it up and found several issues with it. We rebuilt the truck from the ground up changing it into the sinister look it has now.

Link to Summit Racing Feature on the truck

1940 Chevy Pickup

Check out the photos of the 1940 Chevy Pickup we built for a customer in Louisville. We custom built the chassis, fabricated the bed and mounted the cab to make a roller for the owner to finish.

1941 Ford Pickup

Check out the photos of my 1941 Ford pickup. I built this truck about 10 years ago. This truck is probably one of the reasons I started my shop. This is the first truck that I actually did this much fabrication to. I think every part of it has been modified somehow. This truck has been chopped, channeled, built small block chevy with the radiator mounted behind the rear axle. I learned alot from building this truck and have continued to learn from my many other project. I sold this truck several years back so I could start my shop. I do miss it sometimes.

1947 Ford Pickup

Check out the photos of our 1947 Ford pickup. This truck has been completed for about year and is raced in the ECTA-LSR standing mile events. I started this truck with my brother and then sold it to him to finish. The modifications include a radically chopped top in our version of a salt flat style, suicide doors, custom nose using 40 ford hoods, custom bed, custom frame, healthy small block chevy with a muncie 4 speed and ford nine inch rear axle. The current best speed is 141.54 but we are shooting to break 150 in 2014 events.

1948 Chevy Shop Truck

Check out the photos of our current project. It is a 1948 Chevy pick up that is being re-done into a nice hot rod truck. I've owned this truck for about 19 years and am taking from the street rod it was in the late ninties and making it into the Thompson's Garage hot rod shop truck.

1950 Ford Gasser

Check out the photos of our 1950 Ford gasser. This car has been completed for about 5 years and is raced when ever time permits. It has one of our straight axle kits under the front and a 9" Ford rear with 4.56 posi. The power comes from a healthy 355 chevy with an autogear 4 speed. Fastest time to date is an 11.93.

Click Here For Straight Axle Info

1951 Ford F1 Pickup

This 1951 Ford pickup was an eBay special. The owner bought the truck thinking it looked like a good truck from the photos. It had shiny paint that hid the gallons and gallons of bondo under it. The truck was represented well in the listing but once it arrived it became a totally different story. We are currently redoing the entire truck from the ground up. This truck will now become a custom truck with full air ride, 350 Chevy same green paint and many custom frame modifications for it to lay running boards with the huge 4-1/2" white wall tires.

1952 Chevy Truck

Check out the photos of a 1952 Chevy pickup we built for a local customer. It was built as a nice driver with a mustang II, nova rear axle, 350/350 AC ect..

1955 Chevy Big Window Truck

Check out the photos of our 1955 Chevy big window pick up that was re-done into a nice farm fresh parts runner for the shop. The truck was a long bed but we shortened it 9" to make it a short bed. We installed a Mustang II front and a 10" "C" notch in the rear for the low stance. It rides this low all the time and has the options to have air ride installed in the future.

1958 Chevy Pickup

Check out the photos of the 1958 Chevy Pickup that we fixed the front clip on. The customer brought us the truck to finish the trans am front clip on. We had to custom make the front horns so all the sheet metal, radiator, bumper and hood would bolt back on. We also had to modify the radiator and headers so the straight six would fit in the clip.